Happy Birthday Nanny Bennent! from Carricou

Happy Birthday Mum, this is a little belated as it took me hours of figuring out the correct file type to use on blog, ect.





We just left Carricou (spent 2 nights anchored by Sandy island). Arrived in Petite St Vincent yesterday, its just stunningly beautiful. Had dinner at the Privately owned islands resort, very nice but certainly a spoil and a once in a while event$$$!!!!! So we have officially left Granada and its surrounding island and entered St Vincent and the Grenadines – YAY. We were surrounded by islands with mountain tops and green leafy hillsides. We need to check into customs today (as we are kind of here illegally, don’t tell anyone 🙂 today at Union Island. It was great to sail yesterday without feeling seasick and extremely tired that its really hard to move and I (and kids) end up passing out, there was hardly any swell yesterday as we are in between loads of islands and the swell can’t get in.


Thanks for reading friends and family 🙂

Love Nat




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nanny Bennent! from Carricou

  1. That is sooooooooo awesome guys, what a fabulous way to wish mumma B a happy birthday xxxxxxx we are so excited to know you have left Grenada and Carricou. Let the adventures keep rolling xxxxx love you all


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