Panama part 2: Port Linton


She was a lovely lady monkey, though she stole the toilet paper out of my bag and began carefully unravelling it.

We stopped off at Port Linton to check into customs and spend a few days on the way to Colon. We had read about the monkeys here, and that they are friendly until you want to leave, as they hop in the dinghy and won’t let you leave. So we planned it so they were feeding on the bananas we gave them to make our escape to the dinghy that was also anchored out in the water (unlikely they would wade out to it). They were delightful and super cool. We were no expecting them to be walking monkeys, they were defiantly the highlight of Port Linton.


We had no idea these monkeys would WALK up to us, they were hilarious!



Super friendly and loved a scratch, the monkey that is!


Look how tall they stand!





We explored the mangroves via dinghy



Thanks for reading folks, appreciate it.

From the Neverlandians xxxxx

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