Concord Waterfall by Jacob.

Today we hired a car and drove for an hour, on the way we spotted a restaurant coved in tyres! 😆 It was amazing . When we arrived it surprisingly was raining and it was freezing cold😱 (for once!). The reason it was cold is because we were on the top of an old volcano near the clouds. After that a man named Eddy came and said hello would you like a guide to walk you to the waterfall? At first we said no but we changed our mind because we didn’t won’t to get lost.

the big road side distraction. img_0766

When we started we had to jump over a creek and l drank some of the water it tasted delicious. After l tasted the water l saw Eddy cut a nutmeg with his machete and a cocoa fruit (but he was covered in ants trying to get it for us, how sweet.  Get it how sweet because cocoa is sweet ha ha 😉). There were wild bananas everywhere. Mum discovered that there was an avocado on an high tree. There is an legendary breadfruit that Mum wants to try (ooh and did l mention it is everywhere).

Oh and I’m hungry! Bye, see you in exactly 25 seconds and 1minute!   1:25   1:24  1:23…………………………………0:15……… HELLO again lights camera action! Heres the latest from the knight newssssss network and I’m Herb Herberson  and this is NEXO KNIGHTS (ok thats if you watch NEXOOOOO KNIGHTSSSSSSS)⚔🛡🗡🏹⚒⛓.



Two hours later we hopped over rocks, water, bamboo, mosquitos, lava (not), poo (not), magma (not), mud and leaves (obviously). Later we arrived at the falls it was glamorous! So strip strip oh DON’T LOOK AT MY w…y and my b.m.🌊SPLASH🌊OMG…its… its …FREEZING!!! but nice 😆  +its kinda creepy because you don’t know what your standing on! Mum is that a thorn? After that and getting dry we stumbled over lots of slippery sloppy mossy rocks and went home, on the way l brought a bamboo cup and that is the end of the day from Jake……….literally😆👇



Sleep over in my bed tonight












15 thoughts on “Concord Waterfall by Jacob.

  1. Hi Guys, Jake I so enjoyed your blog. You had me giggling and you managed to make me feel that I was there with you all. Sounds like you are having such a good time.
    I will be interested in what Mum thinks of the breadfruit when she tries it.
    The roadside cafe looks amazing. Fancy having tyres for decoration. Hope it wasn’t tyres that they served for food.
    I am looking forward to our next skype so I can hear all your stories.
    Love you all “round the world and back again”. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Nanny C


      • Oh man that will be awesome!! Have you played with the camera yet? I have to send you some homework assignments for my school unit with you 😉 I’m taking on teaching you photography by correspondence!


  2. Well written Jake….
    Love hearing about all the things you are getting up to and seeing. Looking forward to reading your next adventure. Say Hi to all the rest and tell Alex and Sienna to also start blogging.


  3. Hi Jake,Alex and Sienna, sorry I have taken so long (blame internet providers), but I’m finally back on the air so to speak. I adored your account of the waterfall day, sounds so much fun, did Mum get that avocado? was it too high up to reach? did you get to see the volcano opening? its really a very different place and I also felt like I could really imagine it there, the photos helped as well. I think you may be moving on to another group of islands so look forward to the next edition. love to everyone, miss you all, Nanny B. xxxxxxxx and a sloppy one X for Alex as I know he must be really missing that.


  4. Hi Jake….this is Tomas Wheeler:
    Your trip sounds amazing I would like to be there so I can see some of those things too.
    I also wanted to tell you that we have new pets at home….. we have 2 birds 2 crazy crabs 2 fish and 6 guinea pigs and thats all😆. I would also like to see you when you get home because we missed out on your going away party because we were holidaying in Exmouth…it made me a bit sad!! ….2 years will be such a long time but I think for you it will be the best time ever!. Imagine all the stories you will be able to write about in that time!! Sorry we missed your going away catch up.😭 I look forward to reading your next story… from Tomas.


  5. hi Jake, love reading all about your adventures AND seeing the photos.
    Has your mum tried the breadfruit yet?
    What does your coconut cup look like and are you using it back on the boat?
    Looking forward to your next episode!
    Love Aunty Robyn and Uncle Ken xxx


  6. Well written Jake, thats a great adventure that day, nothing like being in the moment and having new experiences. I WILL READ YOUR ADVENTURE to kobi and macie tonight, keep writing were enjoying your adventures with you
    Love kobi macie clyde and rachel


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