In Grenada……still! by Sienna, Alex, Jake and Mum.



Training Kids how to do foot massages!

Hi friends and family

We are in Grenada still, we headed North to Carriacou (about a 6 hour trip upwind, which means rough and bumpy sailing). Decided to stay the night at Sandy island so we didn’t have to arrive to Carriacou in the dark. We were expecting a not so great anchorage at Sandy Island, but it was a bit worse than we thought. It had no sand to anchor on only coral ground, not a good holding. So I tried to drop the anchor in a sandy patch (that was actually a coral patch that looked like sand), and missed again the second time! It was a small hole. So Stu dove down and moved the anchor, in the process he got around 12 sea urchin spikes in his hand, not good. We are sure one went right through his index finger as we could see a black dot under his nail, oh man. Stu is tough, he got out after moving the anchor and started to dig up his hand to try and remove the spikes! I mean he just got a needle and dug holes in his skin with the kids and I  watching this non anaesthetic operation with amazement and concern. At the same time we had a strong current with a not very good holding on the anchor, so we were watching the boat wasn’t  drifting we were in 2m of water with reef and rocks close by (though Stu relocated the anchor to a good holding on a coral head, the concern would be when the tide changed at midnight) and we set the anchor alarm. We also heard an alarm in the engine bay, so Stu investigated and found some sea water had got into the Sail drive (not a lot), we were toying with the idea of heading back to St Goerges the next day to go to the hospital any way then the next find (sail drive leaking sea water), cemented the decision. So we had heavy hearts concerned for Stus hand, knowing we would have a sleepless night on anchor watch, really not wanting to go back and pretty annoyed with Grenada Marine as they had taken out that sail drive and fixed it supposedly already. Stu was a star that night, he put himself on anchor duty and set the alarm for 10 minutely to check we weren’t going to drag anchor at tide change. It did not drag, yay but he did have to steer the boat away from the island using the current and rudder – luckily it worked, pretty stoked. It was a rolly night, like we were sailing.

Long story short – Stus hand is ok as we put him on antibiotics, we are pretty amazed by this, though he did soak it in lime juice and vinegar for days to try and dissolve it – OUCH! We are back at Grenada marine living on the boat on land, and the sail drive is fixed we are back in the water tomorrow – yay. Kids have been pretty great during all this, yes lots of moments of silliness but overall pretty good, considering the heat on land living on a boat and the stress we are under (I have also been sick but getting better now). It all works out in the end, thank God.

Thanks for reading my friends and family, below is some school work we did today with the kids dictating to me some stories of  our travels. Nannys and Poppy were wanting to hear from Alex and Sienna.

Chow for now, Love Natxxxx


More foot massage training, he he. They so enjoy it.

Sienna – I was just about to eat dinner, then I noticed a frog was on my leg. The frog was the size of a ring on mums finger.  It was green, and very cute. Dad took it off and Jake got a box. Then Jake released the frog. We were all very excited to have a tiny frog on the boat. At the time we were on land again, getting the boat fixed again.


Sienna winching Stu up the mast.

Alex – We caught a huge fish, dad says it is a spotted mackerel. We were fishing while we were sailing in the middle of the ocean, and then a fish bit the lure then dad killed it with a knife and I was not looking (neither was mum). We left the fish in a bucket until we put the anchor down. Then we cleaned and gutted the fish. Dad cut it up ready for dinner. Dad cooked the fish for dinner, it tasted good and was yummy.

Jake – After dad got a sea urchin in his hand we had to go to the Hospital. As we were walking we all noticed how dull, small and poor the buildings looked. When we were waiting in the waiting room, a purple haired woman stood up…then fainted and blacked out!!! When she fell she smashed her head on the door and her shoulder knocked the chair and she was laying unconscious on the floor, in front of everyone.  Everyone was shocked and concerned for her, except the nurse! Mum  sprang from the chair to help her, as well as her friend. The nurse opened the door to see what had happened, she looked very annoyed at the lady lying on the floor unconscious! She didn’t come to help the lady on the floor, she just said “get her outside” in a cross tone, then she closed the door and went outside through the back door. I assume she was annoyed and probably was eating lunch when it was happening or doing something she wanted to do and was interrupted by the lady falling. The lady was taken outside in a wheelchair, with the help from two men.

All of a sudden Darth  vader walked into the room,”I find your lack of care disturbing”, he said in a very dark tone. Then Tie fighters swarmed the area with green lasers. Luke chopped Darth Vaders head off and said “sorry father”. Darth Vaders last words were “thoooooooooooo” (dead voice).  Mum and Dad decided that waiting for that type of care was not worth it, and dad thought better care was sitting right next to him (meaning mum could give better health care as she is a nurse). So we left, with a plan to keep dad on his antibiotics and vinegar soaks of his hand. Today his hand (3 days after his injury) is looking better with reduced swelling and not as sore.

Sienna – We got a coconut from a shop I chose it and mum brought it. I drew on the coconut, I drew a nose, eyes and a mouth. Its nick name is Coco. We were going to open it but  haven’t had enough time yet.


Alex – We get coconuts here, they are pretty juicy inside. We get the coconuts from the trees around us as they are everywhere. Coconuts are not rare here. We can also buy them in a store.  We brought a cutlass (machete) from a shop to open coconuts. When we first arrived Dad opened a coconut. I didn’t like the coconut water very much, but I did like the white flesh.

Alex – It gets very hot here! Like almost everyday mum makes us  put sunscreen on. I hope mum doesn’t want us to put it on today. Everyday I get sweaty. Dad gets especially sweaty, his t-shirt gets wet a lot from sweat. We wear no tops at night, we always wear not tops to try  and cool down. To cool down we use the fan and we use the scoop in the port holes to scoop the air inside our cabin. We have a swim to cool down and drink icy drinks now that our freezer is working again.

Alex – It took us a long time to get to Sandy Island, we sailed. We got to Sandy Island and saw a huge fish. I found a garfish it was at night and Dad was shining a torch in the water and I saw a giant garfish. The garfish was a big gar fish it was blue and silver. When we shined the light on it, it sat still so we could watch it. It was weird looking.

Thats it for now folks, thanks for watching.

Love the Colams.





26 thoughts on “In Grenada……still! by Sienna, Alex, Jake and Mum.

  1. Thanks Jake Alex and Sienna for your wonderful stories it makes me feel like I’m there with you and enjoying all these new adventures. Looking forward to joining you guys at some time love Poppy


  2. Your blog was so well done everyone. It is great to read all about your adventures. How lovely to be able to go for a swim to cool down. Hope it is not long before you get the boat back in the water and you are off sailing again.
    Glad to hear that the fish dad caught while sailing was very tasty. Nothing tastes better than fresh fish.
    Hope Dad’s hand gets better soon and that Mum is feeling better. How brave your Dad is.
    It was lovely seeing you all and chatting on Thursday. We love seeing you on your boat and all the things you are doing. Those were lovely pictures Sienna and I am glad you are still enjoying the book about the snail on the tail of the whale. Jake you look like you are being so helpful and grown up. I can see what a big help you are to Mum and Dad. Very proud of you. Alex your teeth are growing quickly. We saw that you had lost another one. Nan and Pop send tons of love and kisses to you all. Xxxxxxx


    • Hey Claire, so stoked to hear form you. Yes we have rented our house and brought a catamaran and will be sailing for a year or 2, plan is to do the Caribbean cross the Panama canal to french polynesia and pacific islands, end up in NZ or sail home. not sure yet, but we may even just stay in Caribbean as so much to see and do here, but probably not. We have just started and just started home school, thats interesting! We finally left the island called Grenada where Stu had been for 3 1/2 months doing up the boat, we arrive d around 4 weeks ago. Pretty exciting for us Claire, loads of new experiences good and not so great. Better get off to bed its midnight, nighty night Claire. Thanks for the comment, I love to see who’s reading the blog as i can’t tell unless you comment. Love Natxxxx


  3. good morning my dears, I love the stories from the kids, how exciting to find a little green frog on your leg Sienna, I’m sure that means good luck as frogs are gorgeous… maybe you are the princess! Alex fishing tails (get it??), tails/tales…sound amazing, would love to be there especially to eat the fresh fish. are the fish making noises around the boat at night like they did in the Whitsundays? Nat and Stu, hope you are both better now, I agree that Stu is tough (and brave) operating on his hand that way, that’s my son-in-law. Nat I think you are amazing with what you are doing, so competent and calm (? calm?). I know you have done some open water sailing by now and are in Cariacou, can’t wait for the next update and pictures. lots of love, miss you. Mumma B xxxxxx


    • Hi Mumma, thanks of your comments. Not sure calm is the word for me at the moment, especially with school its doing my head in, I’m taking a new approach after todays efforts and lowering my expectations. I think the ‘All about reading and spelling’ programme is crud and not right for my lot. I will see, but not going to keep on wiht it for Jake. Will do reading eggs (when have internet), the spelling posters i have, writing intensive CD programme that we haven’t started yet, will pick out the ok stuff from all about spelling and the blog/diary. The Maths programme is sorted and straight forward (even thought its not his strong point and he kicks up), but at least he can do some of it on his own as its a CD.

      Anyway I need to investigate more about schooling and my plan, check the OZ curriculum.

      Almost your birthday momma, loves you – Natxxxxxx


  4. Hi guys! This is Jodie! I had a read of your blogs last night as I was wondering how you were all going. Sounds like you are having some great adventures! Poor Stu with his sea-urchin hand. I hope he has recovered from it now. That sounded nasty. I expecially liked reading the blogs from the kids – they talk about what they are really experiencing – like their mum putting too much sunscreen on them all the time! – classic! Sounds just like our kids. Anyway, we had the Vision Surveys Xmas dinner on Friday night. We went to the Painted Bird which is a restaurant in the city. It was really lovely food and everyone had a great time. I think the highlight for me was when Lewis challenged Craig to an arm wrestle (lucky Craig won it) and everyone crowded around to watch (while Jay filmed it). I loved it and had a great night. On another note, Craig and I had quite a strange week last week. On Sunday the water main pipe burst on our front verge and a 2 metre wide sink hole developed from it. Unfortunately your Nissan Partol was parked right over the top of it. Fortunately I managed to quickly move the car before it fell down the hole (as Craig and kids were out at the playground at the time). Dramas dramas. At that same time that the water leak was going on a kangaroo jumped into our backyard and drowned in our pool. We found it 2 days later when Craig noticed a large bulge under the pool blanket. Yes – I did say a kangaroo – what the? Take care. Jodie, Craig, Steph and Joel.


    • What thats nuts man, poor Roo. What is a Roo doing there!!! Also the sink hole with the Nissan almost falling down it!!!! That would have been a very interesting Insurance claim !!!!!! I must say the chances of either of them happening is just really unlikely let alone in the same week!!!! Hmmmmmmm whats next?

      Thanks Jodie for reading the blog, Ill have to read the comment about you liking the kids comments to encourage them to write/dictate some more. Stu can’t quite believe the Roo or sink hole storied either!!! Say hi to Craig and we hope all is going well. Glad the vision party was fun, gotta love an arm wrestle to spice things up. You should definitely encourage more of these in the upcoming vision parties 😉 Love Natxxxx


  5. Loving all the stories, particularly from the children. Enjoy learning about all the different fish you are seeing, catching and then eating!


    • Oh wow thanks Jude. I will try and get them to do some more when theres plenty to chat about. Jake is a bit of a natural when he gets started, he writes with humour, but its the getting him started thats the challenge!!!! Any news from home? How are you? Natxxxx


  6. Dear our darling Colam’s,

    We have been following all your blogs since you have left and loving them all. It’s Sunday arvo here and dave bailey elarissa and I are reading (well I’m reading it to them) your latest blog. We hope Stu’s hand continues to get better. We love hearing from the kids (bailey always says how much he misses his cousins).

    We went out for breakfast this morning in fremantle for mumma Bennetts bday (uncle ken came too) and Pete and Charmaine. Missing you all but you are always with us in spirit and we are to you.

    Nat aka sissy hope you are coping with all the kids schooling needs. You are amazing my girl!!! Jack of all trades. Stu you are so brave. The kids are all so resilient too xxxx

    We love you all. Love carlz dave bailey and elarissa xxx


    • Hoya Sista I have been a missing yah! So happy to hear from you and thanks for reading the blogs, Im not an IT expert and find all this a little frustrating especially with poor internet half the time. So glad when a photo or even a video downloads, yay. I got a video I did downloaded yesterday, yipeeeeee. I really don’t have hours and hours of time to learn how to do the videos then try to sort the problems out of uploading etc. Anyways, its all good. So great to hear you all went out for da mummas bday, and yes we are there with you in spirit for sure. I don’t know about a jack of all trades, I tell you this boat thing is a massive learning curve in all ways, but Im loving it (amongst the struggles). Re homeschooling I think I will lower my expectations and be happy for any learning they do.

      Sienna made you and Elorrisa Necklaces out of string and coral she collected (whilst getting eaten by mozzies unknown to us) on a cute little island we had just did a drift dive along), it was on Nanny Bs birthday so Nanny had one made also. I hope all is well with kiddies and that they are well!!! Hows Bailey boy? I bet its weird visiting mum without us there to play with him and chat. So are you saving up to visit us? How are you? Any other news? lots a love Natxx


  7. Hi Nat, love reading all about your days. Whats a sail drive??
    Poor Stus hand! glad its settling down!
    Sienna the frog sounds very cute. we have some tadpoles here in our little pond and I cant wait till they start growing their little legs! Do you know the song about the Frog jumped out of the pond one day and found its self in the rain? I love that song and sang it with the boys when they were little!
    Alex I am going to google what a spotted mackerel looks like. I would love to catch a big fish and then eat it for dinner- but I wouldn’t be able to watch Dad fillet it either! Can you take a photo for me the next time you catch your dinner! and I am soo glad your freezer is working again!
    Jake that nurse doesn’t sound like a REAL nurse to me – she sounds like an imposter! Probably just as well you got out of there when you did!
    I hope the lady that fainted is alright.
    ok take care and have fun all of your AND keep practising the foot massages- I am sure your Nan will love expert foot massages when she gets there! And keep posting!
    Love Aunty Robyn and the Potts boys xxx


    • Hi Aunty Rob, Ken and boys, sorry for late reply, internet on and off, mainly off lately. Read your comments to the kids they moved them, Alex says ok I’ll take a photo of the next fish we catch.

      We’re currently in St Lucia waiting for parts to arrive for broken engine mounts! But we have 2 engines🙂 sail drive fixed after we turned back and got boat hauled again grrrrrr. Sail drive is the gear box for engine that sticks out under the water, all good now.

      Happy to hear mum may spend Christmas am with you guys. Lots a love.
      Nat and coxxxxxx


  8. Wonderful trip you are having, great to hear all your stories. What an adventure. Glad to hear you are all doing well. Tell Sienna I have my nails done with pretty Hawaiian flowers on them and the nails are a pretty sky blue. We have taken our house off the market till it gets better here in Perth. Love your pictures too x


    • Hey Jude, great to hear from you 🙂 I will tell Sienna about your nails, she will love it. I am guessing she will pull out het kiddy plastic fantastic nails again tomorrow or draw on hers with texta when she hears about your beautiful ones. Thanks for sending a line Jude. House prices are still falling Stu was telling me, so I guess not the best time to move unfortunately. Surely the new year will bring better news. Love Natxx


  9. Hi to an amazing bunch of Colams. Nanna Bev gave me a fridge magnet with your web address and I have so enjoyed all your stories, from fishing for spotted mackerel, to tiny mini frogs, a trip to a very interesting but hopeless hospital and rounding off with Darth Vader. Keep the stories flowing and maybe one day you could write a book!

    Most of all have fun – Jeanxx


  10. Hello everyone, love from Perth, all the kids were talking about Alex today – we were going through the artwork – everyone said, there’s our good friend Alex – so thrilled I found the fridge magnet (I put it in a safe place) – now I can follow your adventures! Looks amazing.


  11. Hi nat, stu and kiddies, keep the adventures coming its really refreshing to hear about your unique experiences.
    Must say i didnt realise how much damage a sea urchin can do. WHEN YOUR UNDERWATER, currents an all i can imagine there would be some forces at play, sorry to hear about stu being injured and hope he makes a fast recovery.
    I have a few folk i work with interested in your travels and wondering how your awesome trip is going.

    Funny i was reading the paper and there was a young couple doing a similar thing to you guys except that have gone public about there experiences providing updates on you tube, blogs etc with a huge following. In fact they are now paid by one of the premier french boat makers and will be getting a new yacht courtesy of their sponsor.
    Well lots of hugs to you all we miss you and look forward to the next update, i am showing the kids jake sienna and alex write ups so they are enjoying it as well
    Ciao for now
    Krynski family


    • Hi Clyde, Rach and kiddies
      I know of the couple you are talking about, La Vagabond is the boat and website name. They have been given the cat we originally really wanted to buy initially, an Outremer, wow so fantastic for them – Good on them. So cool you showin the kids the blog, love it.
      Thanks for asking about Stus hand, It seems ok though still some in there as not dissolved (no way we could remove them), but amazingly his hand is not swollen, hot red and pustulated ! Will keep a close eye on it though.


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