Tahiti Iti – Teahupoo


Teahupoo wave

 Teahupoo anchorage, March 2018

Ryan and Nicole on S/V Naoma kindly waited for us to pull up our anchor as it is dodgy (parts ordered and in transit from Germany), they followed us along the inner reef between the marked reef. Stu and I tried our head sets for the first time, which Ryan was delighted to rib us about! We had fun chatting to each other and the Naomaians the whole way.


Captain Stu Poo with kids and S/V Naoma in background



It was fun hanging with these two crazy cats

We found another 14m deep anchorage right next to the famous Teauhpoo surf break. Had some lunch and excited to go out and check this famous wave, Stu took his board in case it was surfable. Of course it was surfable and in he jumped after the local billabong surf taxi boat kindly offered for the kids and I to stay in their boat, which had sun shade. It was great as I got to chat with these local guys while the skipper drove right next to the break, I took a tonne of pics. It was a small day for this break but still great to see. Stu was on cloud 9 afterwards and even gave a little speech to the family about how it was a dream of his to surf Teauhpoo and thank you for making it so special for him – he’s a cutey smutey!


Stu surfing Teahupoo


Our windlass parts had arrived and after some organizing, which is never easy when you don’t speak the language. We were off in the car for 2 days, windlass parts including a new gypsy (holds the chain in slots to pull the chain in) and a heap of tools were purchased also. They drive on the left side of the road here, so it is total concentration for me to drive, while Stu navigates and keeps kids under control, sort of, he he!! It didn’t take too long for me to get used to it again, but we almost had an accident on the second day. There was a merge in the centre lane on the freeway (not the best design!), the centre lane that we were in was merging into the inner lane I luckily spotted a speeding car on my left in my rear view mirror and had to swerve doing around 80km/hr or it would have side swiped me, there was a car to my right also, so we could have been sandwiched between the 2 cars – scary. Phew, had an adrenaline rush, all good though!!


On a local boat by the break, cool fun


Happy Stu after the surf



There’s a tree in the pass


Stu can’t resist trying to balance on the tree!

We have had great fun with SV Naoma, they really are a brilliant couple and so inspirational. He is living with FSHD (a type of muscular dystrophy) and is amazing. He is a total action man, and a health freak (only had coffee a few times and doesn’t drink alcohol, anymore) he found out when he was 24 years of age and was told to stop exercising, which he ignored. He continued surfing, kiting, SUPing, scuba diving, free diving, professional triathalons, surf life saving and later trained to be a paramedic. His life revolved around sport and action, as does Nicoles (his wife) as she was doing triathalons and surf life saving too. Unfortunatley he had to give up surfing (though he body boards now) a while ago and paramedic work which he loved as well as many other things, heartbreaking for them, him especially as he just drools over a good wave and or wind.


Nicole doing yoga


Ryan, Stu, Sienna and Jake having a chat


Ryan jumping over Nicole



Ryan ripping


Stu on a wave




Ryan and I (Nat)



Though they certainly don’t harp on about it at all, even though he is super open about having FSHD. They work so well together as a team and Nicole is super supportive of him and a great person (also a school teacher, I tried it on to get her to revise her skills in teaching, she didn’t take the bait – DOH!). We have had home made pizza, a super fun session kiting and windsurfing, a hike to a Marea, a food finding mission, drinks and many a fun and deep and meaningful chat. Ryan especially finds Aussie slang funny, we just talk normally and he is trying to figure out what we are saying which I find really funny.  We have really enjoyed getting to know Ryan and Nicole more and will miss them, we certainly wish them the best of luck and pray they can keep doing their dream for a long long time. Sienna was heart broken when we had to part ways with them, she grew very fond of Nicole.


Stunning Sienna with sunset


See the pot of gold?


Kids letting off steam after hot days sun has gone



This was an absolute amazing sunset, one to remember, no photoshop!


Thanks for reading, from S/V Neverland. 🙂

















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