Good Bye to Tahiti : March 2018


High school cultural dance competition



We returned to Papette Marina in Tahiti from the South of the island to get ready to sail to Raiatea. We caught up with our friends that were still in the Marina and had an afternoon with S/V Sea Bean. After ice-cream we were off to a cultural dance competition (Chloe had kindly sourced tickets for us all), which was between the high school kids from all over French Polynesia. It was great to see such talent and enthusiasm.


S/V Sea Bean (James, Chloe, Arthur and Ewen) with Neverland


Ewen, Arthur and Alex running


Pizza on Neverland after the show

Sienna had been asking to have her ears pierced for some time now, so as an early birthday present we went off to get them done. She was brave, then apprehensive, then ecstatic when they were done. The ladies were great and did them both at the same time with two guns, which was very smart of them. She loves her earrings and was very brave.


Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 11.09.43

Two guns at once, she’s not looking happy!

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 11.10.36

Yes the pain was well worth it.



Siennas shroud climbing


The dock duck

We left Taihiti with a sigh of relief. We could have explored further along Tahiti Iti (the south part of the island) but ran out of time. We tried to leave the day prior, we ran around all am scrubbing decks, fresh food provisioning from the market and cleaning up Neverland. As we were all ready and starting to pull dock lines, the port motor would not start, after a considerable time in the engine bay we discovered with the help of James and David that the starter motor brushes needed replacing. Luckily Stu sourced some the next day, installed it and off we went the following afternoon with S/V Sea Bean seeing us off, with plans to meet up again.


Engine bay fun for Stu



Saying goodbye to the Sea Beanians

Thanks for reading, from S/V Neverland 🙂

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