Tahaa : 26 th March 2018


Motoring from Raitea to Tahaa, Sienna’s home made tent.

We spent about 4 days here in Tahaa. What a great place to snorkel, anemones and fish everywhere. We walked along the motu and jumped into the coral river to be jet propelled along seeing the sights along the way, what fun. Sienna and I visited a pearl farm, and she scored a pair of pearl earrings for her birthday. The lady helped her pick a nice matching pair, she was very kind to Sienna.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.10.12

The snorkelling here was so much fun, the fish would surround you with a little enticement!

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.09.32


Alex in action.


Go Sienna go.


Stu and Alex


Mini sand bar fun.


A mini man made island by the resort.


Massive moon.



Easter egg hunting!

After leaving Huahine we sailed back to Tahaa for a few nights and luckily met up with Den, Suze and their crew (Andy and Nadia). It was great fun catching up with them again, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the kids love Den and Suze too. Trip back to Neverland was a little scary as we had to use the iPad to navigate where Neverland was as we were a fair way from it, it was pitch black, upwind with about 12knots (so pretty bumpy). We were prepared with flashlights and plenty of fuel. Unfortunately Sempre Due was burgled whilst we were all at dinner, very upsetting for them and it put a dampener on the place.


Second time round in Tahaa, enjoying dinner with SV Sempre Due.


Vanilla Bean farm, yipeeeee.


Vanilla vines.


SV Sempre Due, Perigrin and us.

Thank you for reading.


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